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Alta Star offers the FAR/BAR Only Package for real estate professionals who only need the FAR/BAR Contracts and Riders. This package of forms includes all of the user-friendly automation features for which Alta Star products are known.

There is no license expiration date and no subscription renewal fee associated with the FAR/BAR Only Package. Form and software updates are not included except as described in our 90-day update guarantee for FAR/BAR form changes.

90-day update guarantee for FAR/BAR form changes: when you purchase an update for a FAR/BAR Only license you will be entitled to full credit for the amount that you paid within the past 90 days to purchase or update that license. There is no credit for a license after 90 days of purchase or update of the license. Updates are priced when the official forms change. Updates are charged only when ordered by the Customer.

For a complete list of forms, click here.

The FAR/BAR contracts included in this package have been approved by Florida Association of REALTORS® and The Florida Bar.

Officially licensed from The Florida Bar and Florida Lawyers Support Services (FLSSI).


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