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GAR Forms (Officially Licensed by Georgia Association of Realtors)

This package contains all forms stocked by GAR, including:

    Brokerage Engagements, Authorization to Show Unlisted Property, Agency Exhibits, Customer Acknowledgement
    Purchase and Sale Agreements, Counteroffer, Lease/Purchase Agreement, Option Agreement, Commission Confirmation Agreement.
    Lease Agreement, Inspection Form
    Disclosure Statements
    Earnest Money, Security Deposits, Escrow Agreement
    Contingency Exhibits
    Miscellaneous Forms
    Commercial Forms
    Company Operations
    Special Stipulations Related to Form F20, Purchase and Sale Agreement
    Special Stipulations Miscellaneous

For a complete list of GAR forms, click here

Alta Star GAR Complete Forms is a subscription package. The software expires annually; afterwards, annual renewal charges apply to use the software. Download all official form changes from our web site at no additional charge as long as you subscribe.

The GAR forms included in this software have been approved by Georgia Association of REALTORS®. The GAR forms are officially licensed products.

Subscription and end-user license agreements contain additional terms. Prices subject to change.


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