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Florida Real Estate Contract

Florida Real Estate Contract refers to a standardized contract in various forms. Included in that term is the FAR/BAR forms (contracts and riders) produced by the joint committee of Florida Association of Realtors and The Florida Bar that develops real estate forms approved by both organizations; and also includes the contracts and brokerage and disclosure forms published separately by Florida Association of Realtors. The FAR contract forms and FAR/BAR Contract forms may be used by real estate brokers, attorneys, investors or buyers and sellers of real estate. The forms have many commonly used provisions in standard real estate contracts, such as clauses for financing contingencies, property inspection, evidence of title and closing procedures. The FAR Real Estate Forms are well-known among real estate professionals.

Standardized Florida Real Estate Contract

Using a standardized Florida Real Estate Contract form, such as the FAR Contract forms and FAR/BAR Contract forms, greatly simplifies preparation of the Florida real estate purchase and sale agreement by making it  easy to read and review by people who are familiar with the standard provisions. The person preparing the contract may simply fill in the blanks. If one or more non-standard clauses are needed for a particular transaction, the preparer may attach an addendum containing custom clauses. Also, there are standardized addenda available to cover some common situations. For example, a condominium addendum may provide disclosures required for the purchase of a condominium. A lead-based paint addendum may be used to disclose knowledge of lead-based paint in a property.

The Far forms may be utilized by the general public (you are not required to be a member, attorney or a realtor).

You can prepare the officially licensed forms quickly and easily using Alta Star forms products.


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